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ADD/ADHD Treatment

dr sibly bence adjusting childAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit disorder (ADD) can be confusing medical terms that sound a bit scary when you hear them for the first time. When you begin to understand what they are and how to manage these traits, however, ADHD can become an incredible asset in your life.

What is ADD/ADHD?

The terms ADHD and ADD, as well as AD/HD, refer to a syndrome found in both children and adults. They are characterized by distractibility, impulsivity, restlessness or hyperactivity. When managed properly, it can become a gift in one’s life. Having ADHD is like having a powerful race car for a brain, which is inappropriately equipped with bicycle brakes. The treatment for ADHD involves strengthening those bicycle brakes-so you can start winning the races in your life.

In our work as chiropractors who support ADHD cases, we see ourselves not as doctors who treat a disability, but rather as doctors who help people, adults and children alike, identify, develop and celebrate their talents. That’s why we love to help with these cases!

The Three Types of ADHD

There are three variations of ADHD, depending on which symptoms are most dominant in an individual. These descriptions are taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Predominantly Inattentive Type: It is hard for the individual to organize or finish a task, to pay attention to details, or to follow instructions or conversations. The person is easily distracted or forgets details of daily routines.
  • Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type: The person fidgets and talks a lot. It is hard to sit still for long (e.g., for a meal or while doing homework). Smaller children may run, jump or climb constantly. The individual feels restless and has trouble with impulsivity. Someone who is impulsive may interrupt others a lot, grab things from people, or speak at inappropriate times. It is hard for the person to wait their turn or listen to directions. A person with impulsiveness may have more accidents and injuries than others.
  • Combined Type: Symptoms of the above two types are equally present in the person.

Dr. Ned Hallowell, leading authority in the world of ADHD, champions a “strength-based” approach to dealing with ADHD. The traditional, deficit-based model only addresses the defects and distresses ADHD can create in a person’s life. Dr. Hallowell has discovered that by identifying and focusing on a person’s strengths and talents, in addition to implementing strategies to manage their challenges, patients can achieve better outcomes.

Dr. Hallowell also stresses that one of the great appeals to helping those who have ADHD discover their talents and help gain back their self-esteem is how life-changing this process can be for people. Left undiagnosed, and unaddressed, ADHD can all but destroy a person. The SHINE program can rescue a person from despair.

We are excited to be working with Dr. Hallowell and his supporting team. Implementing this strength-based approach here at Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center is a fantastic opportunity. By working with children to identify the amazing talents they possess, as well as helping them to recognize the obstacles they may face, we can make this program a unique healing and growing experience that will change lives.

We work together with the child and their family, to help them develop strategies at home, work and school that focus on concrete, positive change. This is what we refer to as the humanistic side of the SHINE protocol.

Our SHINE program is extremely comprehensive and provides exactly what you will need to develop a very strong foundation for continued growth. The following is the general structure of the three-month intensive SHINE program. You will learn more specific program information at the orientation.

  • Orientation
  • Comprehensive one-on-one consultation with a licensed shine doctor
  • Parental education
  • Weekly chiropractic care
  • Specific nutritional supplements and meal planning
  • A letter for teachers about your child’s participation in the SHINE program
  • Neurologically based exercises that support brain balance and coordination
  • Comprehensive scans using the INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station, including thermal scans, sEMG, and heart rate variability to determine nervous system function and efficiency

Need a little more information? View our SHINE brochure here.

Dr. Ned Hallowell says, “ADD is like having a Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes.” Can you imagine transforming one of your most significant challenges in life into one of the most profound opportunities for growth, success, and personal development? This is what SHINE has the potential to offer you.

By combining the Hallowell Protocols with our specific chiropractic techniques, we can help your child begin to use this trait as a resource to do wonderful things in life. On this journey, as this process begins to unfold, there will be many challenges, ups and downs. This is par for the course. Rest assured that you now have, in us, another member on your team who can support your child and your entire family.

The name SHINE says it all because it is our mission to help your child, you and anyone else who battles with ADHD/ADD each day of their lives. Together, everything becomes possible and it would be our honor to work with your child in order to HELP THEM AND YOU SHINE!

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D.

Dr. Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist. Graduating from Harvard College and Tulane Medical School, he is also the founder of The Hallowell Centers in Sudbury, Massachusetts and New York City. From 1983 until 2004, he was a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty. He retired from academics in 2004 to devote his full professional attention to his clinical practice, lectures and the writing of books.

Dr. Hallowell has authored 18 books on various psychological topics, including attention deficit disorder, the power of the human connection, the childhood roots of happiness in life, methods of forgiving others, dealing with worry and managing excessive busyness. His newest book, SHINE: Using Brain Science to Bring out the Best in Your People, was published by Harvard Business School Press in January 2011.

Dr. Pavel Bence, D.C.

Dr. Bence has dedicated his life to helping the families and individuals in our community to discover better health and fuller lives, naturally. As one of the first in our area to receive the Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner designation, he has long incorporated several lifestyle aspects into his care.

Over the years, he developed an interest in ADD/ADHD and how to help this group and their families with the unique challenges they face. He has taken extensive courses and training to build on his knowledge.

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