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Reviews for Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center

What Our Patients Say . . .

Relief after Years of Pain

For years my left shoulder was 3″ lower than my right no matter what I tried I couldn’t stand straight. Dr. Bence corrected the problem painlessly. Thank You Dr. Bence.
– Lewis D.

Value of Chiropractic Care

I can’t afford not to have chiropractic care in my life!
– Judy M.

Feel Better and Healthier

The ladies in the office are very friendly. Felt very welcomed upon every visit so far. The environment has the right music playing. Very calming. Dr. Bence takes time to explain what’s happening to your body if you ask him. Love that the doctor takes time to share valuable information on Facebook and holds learning workshops. He takes pride in helping others get their health back on track. Glad Dean referred me to Dr. Bence! I feel so much better and healthier. I have more energy and an even bigger smile now. Thank you, doctor.
– Judy R.


First visit, exellent.
– Elona D.

Very Positive Experience

I appreciate Dr. Bence accommodating me on such short notice. It was a very positive experience all the way around. Office staff are delightful and Dr. Bence was thorough. I felt much better after my visit.
– Christina W.


“Before seeing Dr. Bence, I had seasonal allergies as well as frequent sickness that required many visits to my Family Physician. Since beginning my chiropractic care in his Sterling Heights office my health problems have been virtually non-existent, with greater energy and increased stamina for job performance.”

– Mike M.


“Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center has helped me in so many ways. I have arthritis in my back and left leg. My hips, shoulders and legs were out of alignment and my left leg was shorter than my right. Dr. Bence has fixed it all, pain free! I have had epidurals in my back along with steroid injections which only masked the pain for a short while. Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Bence I am almost pain free. God Bless Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center and thanks a million.”

– Trudy C.

Back & Neck Pain

“I came in suffering from extreme back pain. I never thought the adjustments would relieve the pain as quickly and completely as they did. I thought that once I had back pain, I would always have a degree of it. After only one visit I felt relief. And, after several weeks, I was pain free and felt better overall. I have been very pleased with the results of the adjustments.”

– Ken D

“Words seem inadequate to express how grateful I am for the improvement I feel since being treated….my neck has begun to erase years of excruciating pain…I look forward to completing my entire treatment program so that I may ultimately become “fine-tuned”, and able to resume routine activities effortlessly, with my newfound vitality. Thank you so much.”

– Kathleen S.

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“Before I started treatments with Dr. Pavel Bence, I experienced continual lower back pain and leg problems. My sinuses bothered me even while taking medicine. After receiving chiropractic treatments, my back pain, leg problems, and sinus trouble stopped. I feel so much healthier and happier….I enjoy a pain-free life with chiropractic treatments. It’s nice to know in today’s pace of life that I am able to keep up with it and lead a fuller life.”

– Grace P.

“I experienced a lot of back pain during pregnancy and after the delivery. Physical therapy did not help and I had very little improvement. Since getting care from Dr. Bence, my back pain is reduced. I’m more flexible and have better movement. My back pain is virtually gone and I’m able to do the things that are needed to care for the family and enjoy activities again.”

– Cessily T.

“I have had chronic back pain for over 10 years. I would get shooting pain running through my back several times a week. I would try to treat it with a therapeutic massage and that would give me temporary relief. Within days the pain would return. After a couple of months of treatment, the back pain stopped. It hasn’t returned since. I’ve also noted several positive side effects. It is much easier to exercise. I don’t get winded as easily…I have added sensitivity in my hands that I never noticed was missing. I have freedom of movement in my neck again. I can check traffic when I’m driving before I move over a lane again. Overall, I feel great. I don’t feel like I’m getting old anymore. I can better enjoy my hobbies. It’s much easier to have a positive attitude on life.”

– John M.

“I had been living with neck pain, low back pain and right hip pain. My husband was having low back and hip trouble… Other benefits from our care is that we have less sinus trouble, my headaches back and hip are much more comfortable. He is breathing better, and his sinuses have also improved. Our exercise routine has become easier since receiving care and currently we are walking and stretching. Our endurance has increased, our focus has increased and we feel more cheerful instead of being “grumpy.” We have seen other chiropractors but this is the first time that we understand the progression that the body must make in order to achieve changes needed. We have progressive correction, support, and maintenance. We love the positive atmosphere of the office, the attitude, music and massage therapy (an important piece of the puzzle).”

– Bethany B.

“I came in with back pain but got a special bonus. I had tried all types of heartburn medication with no avail. I got realigned and after a few visits, my heartburn has abated excessively. I can eat without the fear of heartburn keeping me up all night.”

– Phil R.

Kidney Problems

“Three years ago I started having kidney problems. I went to see my medical doctor and he ran tests and x-rays. He couldn’t tell me why I had this problem or what could be done, except for medication. For the next two years, I went on and off antibiotics and painkillers ‘till my body became immune to both. At that point my only other alternative…a kidney transplant. After that I had a car accident and on the advice of a friend, I came to see Dr. Bence. …Since my car accident, I have been getting adjustments… I have never had another kidney infection or needed a transplant. It is such a relief to be healthy again!”

– Gretchen H.

Knee Pain

“About two years ago, I was playing soccer in a gym when I fell down straight on my knee. It hurt for weeks, and yet I finished my volleyball season on it. ..The pain went from when only playing sports to constant pain. I couldn’t jog anymore and that is when I met Dr. Bence. I started treatment with Dr. Bence and we both found out that I had deeper problems. I had subluxations in my back that were only making my knee worse… After only a few treatments, I started feeling better…all over my body. I had more energy…Thanks to the patient and gentle treatment that Dr. Bence has given me, I can jog and feel no pain in my knee!”

– Brittany M.


“I was injured when I fell down some stairs while working. At that time I was examined and under the care of an orthopedic doctor. After 3 months…he told me I would just have to live with the pain and discomfort for the rest of my life. Through the next few years, my symptoms compounded and worsened to the point of not walking well and severe migraine headaches…After 1 ½ weeks of treatment from Dr. Bence my headaches had almost totally disappeared and I was feeling great and walking without pain. I have noticed ….my hair is much healthier and growing faster…my eyes have improved. CHIROPRACTIC REALLY WORKS.”
– Bob T.

Pain Management

“I met Dr. Bence at a lecture and his presentation made sense. My concern was pain and I wanted to get off my medication. I was walking with the help of a cane and my pain was excruciating at times. The meds worked but were hurting my stomach ulcers, worsening my diabetes, and increasing my cholesterol levels.

My health has improved 95%. I don’t need a cane anymore and I’m taking supplements instead of medication. My life has changed dramatically too. I’m more energetic, have lost weight, and am feeling and doing much better. Dr. Bence’s presentation woke me up initially and I knew he could help me. It has provided for me life again and increased my quality of life for my children and grandchildren.”

– Christine A.


“My family has a history of scoliosis. Since becoming patients of Dr. Bence, we have all become healthier, keeping colds and flu away. Thank you, Dr. Bence.”

– Laura W.

Shoulder Pain

“I had a very painful (excruciating) right shoulder and arm, which prevented movement in upward and side position. The pain used to wake me during the night. After the third chiropractic treatment, I was noticeably relieved. With each treatment it was better, and generally I felt better all over. Thanks to Bence Chiropractic!”

– Mary S.

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