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Electromagnetic Vascular Therapy

bemer-treatment-on-female-patientAs blood flow plays a vital role in our overall health, we want to provide patients with services that promote improved blood flow. That’s why we decided to offer Electromagnetic Vascular Therapy (EVT) using BEMER.

During each BEMER session, healthy muscles are stimulated to boost and facilitate muscle performance. EVT also temporarily improves local circulation in healthy leg muscles – in just 8 minutes two times a day.

The BEMER product that’s used during sessions is a non-invasive, FDA Class II cleared medical device.

How Does It Work?

The therapy combines different frequencies of natural electromagnetic fields (EMF), similar to what the earth naturally gives off. The EMFs that are used are not like the ones that cell phones use, which can be damaging to the body.

EVT helps to pump the capillaries, which are the vessels between the arteries and veins. All nutrient uptake takes place in the capillaries. The therapy helps to promote healthy blood flow, getting more oxygen to where it needs to go.

What Are Some Benefits?

Here are some of the many benefits you could get from using EVT:

  • Stimulates muscles
  • Reduces pain
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Helps with lymph tissue drainage
  • Assists with waste disposal
  • Helps athletes with injury recovery
  • Increases immune system activity

What Can I Expect?

During each EVT session, you lie on a mat for 8 minutes in a private room. We can do different intensities and use various attachments to focus on specific areas of the body. For example, if you’re having problems with your knee or ankle, EVT could bring relief. If you are experiencing digestive issues, we can lay the pad across your abdomen.
The effects of each session last for 12 hours.

Support for Athletes

Whether you’re a runner, CrossFitter, cyclist or participate in another sport, you could benefit from EVT. You can improve your endurance and performance. If you do get injured, EVT also could help you recover. Athletes who regularly use EVT could optimize their level of physical fitness.


Do I need to undress to get the therapy?

No, you will remain fully clothed during your sessions.

Is there any discomfort associated with the therapy?

Not at all. It’s completely painless. You simply lie on the mat for 8 minutes.

Is the therapy safe for all ages?

Yes, it is completely safe for anyone to use. There are only a few types of patients who should not use it: those with active severe macular degeneration and pregnant women.

Has there been research conducted about the effectiveness of EVT using BEMER?

Yes, it’s one of the most widely researched physical therapy methods available today. There are also several studies specifically on BEMER.


If you want to check out the therapy without committing to multiple sessions, the introductory session is just $10. Want to come in on an as-needed basis? Those sessions are $20 each. You also can purchase a package of 10 sessions for $150.

Learn More Today

Experience for yourself how Electromagnetic Vascular Therapy with BEMER may benefit you. Contact us today to schedule an intro session!


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