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Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center Offers a Variety of Care Options

We’re thrilled you’re considering care with us. To get a better idea of the types of services we offer, check them out below. If you have any questions about your candidacy for care, we’d love to speak with you-simply contact us today for an appointment or with your questions.

We can’t wait to help you unlock your goals in health, naturally.

Chiropractic Care – We’re proud to offer focused, effective and unique chiropractic adjustments for every member of your family. We take pride in offering several different adjustment styles and techniques to ensure you get the perfect care for you.
Pregnancy Chiropractic – Whether you’re currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant, we’re happy you’re considering care with us. Pregnancy chiropractic care is designed to optimize space for your growing baby, while also keeping mom comfortable and pain-free.
Pediatric Chiropractic Care – Chiropractic care for children can help your child grow big and strong-and develop a nervous system free of disturbances, just as it was designed to be. Learn more about our gentle adjustment methods and how it may benefit your child.
TMJD Treatment – Chiropractic treatment of TMJD can alleviate symptoms by correcting misalignments in the spine and re-positioning the jaw. With proper care and treatment of spinal disorders, TMJD patients can achieve pain relief and correction.
Massage Therapy – We’re proud to offer patients focused massage therapy, which can be used separate or in conjunction with chiropractic care to help your body hold an adjustment longer.
Electromagnetic Vascular Therapy – We provide patients with services that promote improved blood flow. That’s why we decided to offer Electromagnetic Vascular Therapy (EVT) using BEMER.
ADD/ADHD Treatment – If you or a child suffers from ADD/ADHD, we want you to know that we’re here for you and offer a unique approach to care. We utilize the SHINE program, which identifies and champions the “strengths” of the patient as well as develops strategies to help them manage their challenges.
Auto Accident Care – Did you know that the lasting effects of a car accident can show up as inflammation, stress and nervous system imbalance days, weeks or even months after an automobile crash? Learn more about how chiropractic can help identify and correct auto accident injuries.
Employment Drug Testing – We offer both DOT drug testing and non-DOT drug testing. The drug testing is done through urinalysis.
Nutritional Testing – Would you like to delve deeper into your health? Perhaps you have unexplained health issues that aren’t going away.
Health Products – We’re proud to offer our patients a number of in-office products, including Good Herbs, Raw Honey, and Youngevity supplements.
Non-DOT Employer Physicals – Non-DOT employer medical exams are becoming the norm in many industries. Once restricted to enterprises with a high number of work-site-related incidents, many employers are now seeing the benefits of requesting these physicals.

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